A Struggle Makes Sense (DEMO)

by Light Of Disaster

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released December 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Light Of Disaster Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: A Struggle Song
I'm here to fight, so feel my hatred
I don't deny and won't regret it
Now nothing's holding me back
And I am ready to attack these vacant skies
Just to take what's mine

My mind was blown and lacerated
But now I'm strong and recreated
Now I'm free, I'm found, but still I know
My demons are always around, unbound

I'm so sick of it all, emotions control me
I can't resist desire,
Wings of the fire will not get me higher
Liar, liar, liar, I do behold, it's my denial
And I defy deceiver, I'm not the believer
I'll fight with my demons
Cause struggle, struggle, struggle
It is my only freedom

I'm here to fight and here's my credo
I don't know what's right but know what's evil
Now I am starting this game
After years of the suffering, pain and despair
Hear me now

I need no faith, I have understanding
I have survived, and I'm ascending
Now my Spirit is armed, but still I know
My demons are always around, unbound

You'll distract me
And then will tempt me
Freewill eater

You'll affect me
And then reject me
Morbid feeder

You'll adore me
And then ignore me
Frigid liar

You'll embrace me
And then disgrace me
My desire
A fire that burns inside
A mental fraud, fucking parasite
Track Name: All Falls Aside
You've seen it
You've been here just before
You've been here nearly thousand times or more

Each time is getting worse
Breaking the silence into words

That lurk inside thoughts
That are destined to create

Did you lose? Did you win? Was it fair? You should feel
I can't be silent referee
Cause there's no truth when all falls aside

Don't you see, the bridge is burnt,
On the other side no one will ever know

Of unseen reality
Will shatter all your dreads and your beliefs

Collect it
Their wreckage in your mind
And sculpt the world you'd like to live in

Without a lie, false
Unable to exist
Track Name: Intrusion
Carefree falling
Into the silent distress
Where is my divine insight?
I'm trapped in the errant dismay
Of my own chaos

Retracing steps form unseen to unknown
Drowning in questions oppressed by the weight of deception,
No sacred knowledge can ever breake the walls of their rigid answers
Is darkness all that i ever can find,
Or am i just blind..?

Here comes the sight
Intrusion of light
We're out of time

Can you see the spark
Salvage in the dark
Will it fix our broken eyes?
Heaven will rise
Through the darkest times Hopelessness won't reach our inspiration heights

Torn wings, dead clouds
What else can they do to us
They cannot discharge, disarm
Eager and powerful minds Yet we are voiceless strayers

I don't remember when did it begin
The revelation of spurious Nothing
If there's a God we don't have to believe
Knowledge is power when all known comes crushing down
No end in tunnel,
This tunnel's endlessly dark

We need to follow our inner guides
Track Name: The Repentance
It felt so real, that fearful dream
My frightened eyes were drowning in tears

That horrid smell of an opiate hell
Reverted dreads and unending despair

Woeful man, remorse, regret,
The only thing that is left is the dope

No hope, no fucking hope,
Nowhere to go, I am dead to the world

Nightmares have filled my eyes
Have poisoned my consciousness
So hateful so cruel so sly
I Will never be sober again

I'm thrown into disaster,
There's no way to escape from this maze

And yet again I'm trying to end this,
Though I know that I already failed

Take me away, tie my hands to the faith
And kill that cursed memories

I see demise right in front of my eyes,
It's gone too far I will never survive